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1st Golf Tournament of the Year.

March 29, 2024

1sGolf Tournament of the Year. 

During a recent business trip to Houston, I signed up for a US Am Tour event held at August Pines GC in Spring, TX. I have played this course before and was not happy with my performance. I thought this might be my chance, but before I started, I needed to spend a little time warming up. I was really happy with my ball striking, then suddenly was having trouble with my 3-wood. As you can see from the included picture, its hard to hit a 3-wood when the face is cracked. This was not a good sign before I even got to the first tee.

My bad luck continued on the first tee. I duffed my opening shot about 80 yards (no, I didnt use my 3). I ended up with a bogey on the first hole. We then moved on from there. Overall, it is a great course. For this trip, the course was the best I have ever seen it. Included are a few pictures I took from the course including one approaching the clubhouse on the 18th and one from inside the lobby.

It didnt turn out as well as I had planned, but I did golf with some great people, Clint, Cooler & Marty. I took selfies with all three of them to share. In the end, I finished third with a score of 90. Its difficult to score better when you put 5 balls in the water and hit another Out of Bounds. But I did get to play with some great people.

At the end of the round, I returned to my room at Lake Conroe and took a beautiful sunset picture from the deck outside my room. Hopefully I will play better at my next tournament. Ive been told its easier to score well if keep it out of the water. I will try to follow that advice.